SM France, has been installed for nearly 45 years in Rochefort-sur mer, near La Rochelle, 30 minutes from Cognac and 1h30mn from Bordeaux.

SM France produces "laminate-molded" table tops for the hospitality and catering industry.



SM France table tops are made of wood, glues and papers;

The technique of molding and lamination by hot pressing gives the product

Qualities unmatched to date, especially in terms of weather resistance.



Recognized for its design and creation, considered the "leader of the table top,

SM France also offers a complete range of "professional" products available
On catalog and via internet

So different collections of tables, chairs, armchairs, stools allow
An even greater choice, each year renewed according to trends,

Modes and markets.





SM France products equip a large number of restaurant and café terraces around the world.

SM France distributes its collection to specialist dealers.

SM France employs 60 people.
Production potential: 500,000 trays per year.
Surface area: 17 000 m2 of covered buildings on a total area of 33 000 m2